Foreign Language Program (letter in english)

Dear Parents or Guardians:

            We would like to inform you that our Foreign Language Department is comprised of three classes, during the three year academic program. Two of these courses provided credit equivalent to a High School class. For example, if a student begins in the sixth grade taking one of our foreign language classes (Spanish or French) at the end of the eighth grade year, he/she would have completed levels I and II of High School and may continue with level III (Honors Classes), and level IV in 9th and 10th grade as well.
            Once the basic level (Beginners) is completed, advancement into the first High School level begins, and continues on until he/she has concluded the foreign language program.
            It is extremely important if you desire, upon receiving the form with the subject selections, to choose the language you prefer as the first option (#1), as a primary option, so your child will be accepted in the class. If it is marked as another option (2, 3 or 4) your request may not be granted due to the limit of students per class and teachers teaching Spanish and French.
            As professionals in charge of this aspect of your child’s education, we feel very pleased with our high caliber of students and continue daily to maintain high standards in our work.
            We can not conclude our mission without expressing our deep appreciation to you, for the constant support you give to your children and desire for advancement in their education; which will guarantee a better future in this competitive and demanding world.

Mrs. Valdes
Lamar Louise Curry Middle School
French and Spanish Teacher